Quenching your thirst keeps you healthy and energized, but sometimes plain water is just so, well, plain. Here’s a tasty (and nourishing) new way to be certain you’re getting ample H,0.

tgets shoit swift. but staying hyded is jast at important as the rest of your beoband beauty regimen About 60 percent of your body is water. and be even mildly parched-a likely posibility considering that fuld fout occurs

throughout the doymay lead to problems such as fatigue, headaches and weight gan People who we active need to be extra

dligent about sipping The American College of Sports Medicine wares that false to drink up before, during, and after prolonged exercise puts you at risk for hoat exhauntion Lounge just 2 percent of you bodily weight hom fuid, which can even happen during the cooler months. Impact speed and endurance.

Drink more, slim down

Regialy wetting your whistle may aho help you reach your goal weight. Watchers from Virginia Tech found that people who downed two glasses of water 20 to 30 minutes before consumed 75 fewer calories during each meal and shed pond more quickly than deters how did it pre heute German researchers have an shown that water slightly boosts metabolism becase it requires energy to proces it it



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Other good reasons to hit the (water) bottle include banishing bloat ardng of constipation beating fatigue and dearing out tonin (indong those found in alcohol).

So, are you getting enough?

It’s unlikely. Although the exact amount of after you need varies from person to person (dark urine is a sign you’re lackng), the Institute of Medicine (IOM) suggests that women aim for nine cup a day (For guys it 13 cups because of the higher maceras.) But 45 percent of adults get less than four

The IOM quidelines don’t strictly refer to plain H,O. meter-rich foods like soup awat counts do other beverages But if you rely hewly on sugary drinks, your wat is going to pay the price A 20-ounce single serve bottle of soda contains 240 calories (simlar to a candy har) And about percent of the total calories in America de soft n the typical America’s det come from sot drinks alone, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest

The obvious solution is to stick with water, but about 20 percent of Americans reportedly dont like the taste. If that sounds the you check out the new SHAPE Water Boosters ( CVS. Rite Ad and



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dnigstorecem). Just a single squeeze (equal to a half-teaspoon) adds dekcioun favtr- but not calories-along with a concentrated punch of iets that offer some important bonus benefits The portable packaging and geat taite are designed to meet the needs of the health.com ) woman on the ga Look for them in the following four varieties

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