Covid-19 Vaccine – May be Launched by 15th August 2020 – Bharat Biotech International Limited

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Good News !!

  An Effective Covid-19 Vaccine will be launching soon on 15th August 2020, By Bharat Biotech International Limited.

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Vaccine named as “Covaxin” will be in market soon by next month, its first India Made Covid-19 Vaccine, developed after many clinical trials of indigenous BBV152 Vaccine for covid-19 virus. Globally more than 10 million people got affected with covid-19 virus and more than 5 lakh people lost their lives due to this pandemic.  

Even though commercially no vaccine has been approved for covid-19 cure. Yet after so much efforts by Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) in coordination with Bharat Biotech, first India made covid-19 vaccine will be launched soon in market. 


Being on
priority project many clinical trials are being going on all over India and
many institutes are asked to do trials, to get the desired results as soon as
possible. After completion of all the clinical experiments, ICMR will issue
vaccine latest by 15th August 2020, for public health. 

Present locations where Institutes selected for clinical trials

1.       Nagpur

2.       Delhi

3.       Patna

4.       Karnataka

5.       Uttar Pradesh

6.       Hyderabad

7.       Tamil Nadu

8.       Visakhapatnam

9.       Rohtak


10.   Goa

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This vaccine is derived from a strain of SARS-Cov-2 Isolated by ICMR National Institute of Virology, Pune. And the first outcome will be completely dependent on corporation by all clinical trials going on at above mentioned locations.


India has over 6 lakh reported cases of covid-19 virus with over 19,000 deaths until 2nd of July, 2020. Lets remain optimistic and hope that viable vaccine may be ready soon. Vaccines are very complex to make, with the help of latest technology various new methods of exploring clinical trials, scientist try to stimulate the body’s immune system to minimise the virus affect on body. 

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Much more work is required during clinical trials and many different treatment options have to be practiced before getting proposed results. However ICMR and BBIL considering the long term strategy to combat with COVID-19 and hopefully new vaccine helps to reduce the spread of virus with any side effect to human body.



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Vaccines plays a vital role to fight against many vital diseases. Since many decades vaccination are being used to keep viral diseases at bay. 

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  1. One of them places I live in the city where Institute selected for clinical trials. Thanks for sharing the information.
    Great work keep it up.

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