Did Covid19 Mask Killed – Tata Motors Executive Ashesh Dhar – A Wakeup Call for everyone!

Ashesh Dhar - Killed by Mask Attack

Tata Motors executive lost his life last weekend – a very unfortunate incident.

Those who have been doing outdoor exercise with masks on, this is a wake-up call!

Here is the complete story was written by his neighbor who happens to be a good friend and colleague at TCS.

Facts & Alerts

Hi all, it’s with utmost sadness in our hearts letting you know that we lost a fellow strider, co-runner, a very good friend and neighbor, Ashesh Dhar(Sales & Marketing Head, Tata Motors, EV) to massive Cardiac arrest last Friday night.

Ashesh Dhar
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About Ashesh Dhar – Tata Motors

  • Ashesh Dhar, an alumnus of the nation’s one of many recognized, Birla Institute of Technology and Science (BITS) Pilani.
  • Dhar joined Tata Motors within the 12 months, 2011 and took over the cost of the top of Sales Support, Utility Vehicles and Tata Motors Assured divisions.
  • Before becoming a member of Tata Motors, Ashesh Dhar had labored with vehicle firms like Bajaj Auto Ltd, TVS Motor Comp….

He expired on 24th July 2020, in Mumbai because of cardiac arrest.

Recently, he was instrumental in Tata seeing a ‘better than expected’ market response for the Nexon EV – the carmaker’s first EV for private use. He is remembered as a “humble and polite” colleague.

body, upper body, hand
Cardiac arrest

 Dear Readers, today, post my morning run/walk went to Ashesh’s house again to meet Meenakshi(Wife) and talk to her when there are not too many people around. She and Ashesh’s close relatives spoke to me at length.

They had analyzed and mitigated all causes to this tragic incident such as –

1) Medical history (he has got complete body checkup done just 4 months back and all readings were fine).

2) Work-related stress (he was very upbeat as EV segment was picking up well and he had had best-ever month).

3) Weight loss (ever since lockdown started he had stopped eating outside owing to his vigorous work travels, and also multiple cups of sugar tea he would have had back to back in a day.

He asks got into home food and nutrition-rich food, cold-pressed healthy veg juices made by Vidusha).

4) Fitness status (he used to do regular functional workouts in the morning with Meenakshi and Vidu and his heart could very well take the intense form of burpees too), even during his evening walks, he would listen to relaxing music or chants.

5) Emotional/mental health (He used to do pranayama and meditations for an hour every single day).

He had a fetish for good homemade food and was enjoying it during this lock-down; as many may know he was ever smiling with a calm demeanor.

cardiac, pulse, systole
Cardiac Arrest

On Friday evening, he walked for 5 odd km (with a mask of course) and may have run the last one before heading home.

He opened his shoe and had warm water and just collapsed…held his fist tight and had an instant cardiac arrest.

Since it was home, help came immediately and within a few mins they checked his oxygen and the meter was blank.

There was no pulse at all…they tried to revive him but in vain and rushed him to Holy Spirit and even before they reached the hospital, his back was showing shades of blue which indicates lack of oxygen.

Finally, the doctors said the heart lacked oxygen to pump blood. With the body’s pumping action disrupted, the heart cannot pump blood to the brain, lungs, and other organs.

Seconds later, a person loses consciousness and has no pulse. Death occurs within minutes.

Sad but true!

The family has requested everyone to not run or even do brisk walks with masks.

Our body may not show signs;(or we ignore signs of breathlessness or shortness of breath or heavy chest, suffocation, dizziness, headache while walking/ running with masks) and suddenly one may collapse like this.

One can moot over it and say it was all fate and destined; and that’s true too. I am not writing this long post to say what is right and what is wrong; there is a loss of precious life with facts staring into us now.

Let’s beware! Life is precious, Live it!!!

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