Maharashtra – Lockdown Extends till 31st July 2020

Mumbai - 2 km Rule carelessly implemented and results in Huge Traffic Jam

Maharashtra Government Led by The Uddhav Thackeray took a prompt decision to extend Lockdown in whole Maharashtra State till 31st July 2020 because of huge increase in covid19 cases and many deaths in state. Necessary measures has been enforced and restrictions been implemented to contain the spread of corona virus.

The State Government will soon list out the activities that will be allowed in High Risk areas like Mumbai, Pune, Akola , Jalgaon, Solapur, Nagpur, Aurangabad, Nashik and Dhule. Fresh guidelines been issued and strict action will be taken who roam outside without any purpose. To control this pandemic except green zones all non essential activities are restricted, violating these measures surely will be actionable.

Operational Sectors

  • Government Offices ( Ex – Certain Exceptions ) – Emergency, Health, Medical, treasuries, disaster management, police all work with only 15% or 15 people Strength, which ever is higher.
  • Private Offices – Operate upto 10% Strength or 10 people, which ever is on higher side.
  • Essential Shops – Will be allowed to operational with same procedures in every allowable areas.
  • Non Essential Shops – Market and Local Vendors Areas remain open between 9am to 5pm daily.
  • Liquor Shops – Operate only if permitted home delivery.
  • Industrial Units – Continue to functional if presently operational.
  • Restaurants – Home delivery and Kitchen delivery are operationals.
  • Education – Online and Distance learning are allowed.
  • Travel – Moment of People are allowed via taxi, cab, rickshaw, 4 – wheeler ( essential + 2 Passengers ) and 2 – Wheeler ( 1 rider ).
  • Activities – Essential activities like Plumbing, electrician, technician and pest control services are allowed.

Outdoor physical activities are completely abandoned and restricted. barber shops, spa, salons with restrictions and limitations are permitted by state government. Air, Train, Metro, inter state and inter district movement completely restricted.

With the present scenario and public movement in various high risk areas, people are roaming without any concern, live example of Mumbai traffic, where people are travelling carelessly and without any concerns of this pandemic. The crises is not yet over and there is lots more to face in this current situation.

In Mumbai 2 – Km rule has been implemented recently and mumbai police is unable to handle such situation which has resulted in Huge Traffic in several areas of Mumbai region. Police Created multiple check points to strictly enforce this rule.

Traffic Jam today at the entry points of Mumbai created due to enforcement of 2 km rule which made roads crowded like anything. police charged vehicles which were found violating this rule. Maharashtra state begin economic activities in small phases under Mission Begin Again.

Police Statement – The only way to defeat Covid19 virus is by self controlling people actions and we can achieve this only when we follow the personal safety and social distancing guidelines at all times.

With 1287 cases on Sunday, Mumbai became the worst hit city in India overtaking Delhi, with a total of 75,539 cases in city and 156 deaths with current reports by Mumbai Municipal Corporation.

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