Latest Corona Virus Mutations – Don’t Panic

Corona’s fears are unfounded!
Dear brothers and sisters,
Today, the fear of the corona is more prevalent around us than the corona Virus itself.
It is completely wrong to assume that corona means death is near.
Corona is just as mild as any other viral illness …

If there is no definite treatment for corona, then why the test is done ..?
No one has the logic of this.
Corona test is 100% guaranteed No one can say for sure, not even World Health Organization!
Then ….. Don’t panic ..


🙏Every fever, cold, cough is not a corona.
Corona test can be positive in any viral infection.
Corona..99% is cured.
Take this medicine for at least five days before going to any doctor.

Treat suspected corona at home..

Fever / Bodyaches
Tab Calpol 500

Tab Triz / Tab Levocet m

Tab Azee 500 Daily 1
Sy.Grilinctus BM 10 ml

Diarrhea ..
Tab O2 s …. no
Tab Ocid 20s … no
ORS Powder .. as much as you want throughout the day

Vomiting nausea
Tab. Acilok RD or
Tab Emcet 4mg with … evening ..
One to two hours before meals

Drink plenty of water and liquids

👉🏿 Take the following medicines even if you are not sick
Tab Limcee – Daily 1
(Vit C) Lemon, Orange
Tab Arovit – Daily 1
(Vit A) Carrots, Shevaga
Tab Evoion – Daily 1
(Vit E) Almonds, Peanuts

For dosage of pediatric medication
Call … Free Service

Don’t stop your regular medications!
Eat plenty of vitamin C in your diet.
Regular .. nutritious food!
Regular exercise! (Best to walk)
Regular.. sleep well!
Regular..happy! Regularly .. keep smiling!

Don’t get admitted in big hospitals and put scissors in your pocket …
Remember … no one has the magic wand..
The same and the same medication is given in small and big hospitals …
Corona test can be positive at any time, again and again ..

Note ..
Till date, no leader, actor, businessman, cricketer or VIP has died in Corona …
This is because they have been cured not because they were treated in a big hospital but because “Corona” is a mild illness!
You can be robbed by taking advantage of your ignorance and fearful mentality.
So be careful!
1) Dr. Nilesh Patil
2) Dr. Pallavi Patil
3) Dr. Sangram Patil.
4) Mr. Sandeep Maheshwari

Be sure to check out his corona related post..listen!
After five days.. if not feeling well or if the following problems increase ..
If you have severe breathing problems,
👉🏿If it really takes a breath ..
If you have a severe cough ..
Make sure there are no other chest diseases
Ensuring that there is no fever
Only then contact the government hospital …

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