What Justify Tourism

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Tourism Industry is very vast and it comes under hospitality industry. Most of the people in the world love to travel all over the world, and if you are really interested in travel, you must go for travel and tourism career.

That’s justify tourism sector, let me update you with in depth details which actually justify tourism sector, which includes Courses in tourism sector, Scope of tourism industry in the world, what will be the salary range in this sector, which are the popular schools and colleges in India that provide Travel Education, which are good for tourism industry.

Tourism Justified

you can apply after 10th or 12th Standard. during this lock down period, travel industry is severely affected. livelihood of travel agents went upside down, also the trend of disintermediation by hotels and other hospitality sectors affect the tourism industry including travel agents.

to overcome with trends and fluctuations happening in tourism sector, there is a need of sustainable tourism along with a business consultant before entering into tourism sector. there is a need of high level collaboration of various sectors in tourism planning, which includes – Tourism industry, local corporation or bodies, government, international agencies and definitely tourist.

there is no doubt that tourism sector brings lots of economic growth to a country and too its one of the fastest growing business all over world. even space tourism also gonna begin soon. hence any country government involved and more interested towards tourism sector. today we all very well aware of covid19 situation, so in future tourist are looking for sustainable tourism which includes eco friendly tourism. benefits of eco friendly tourism will definitely reap benefits for private and public sector tourism business.

Coming to the point, let me update the scope in tourism sector.

if you are passionate about working in this sector there are many ways you can earn money through practicing your hobby on daily basis, for example: if you love to travel and too interesting in creating memories by clicking several photos during your journey, you know you can earn lots of money by even selling your clicked pictures. lots of revenue can be generated also if you love wild life and love to tract mountains you can also become wild life photographer.

If you love to write about travel and interested in making travel diaries, i suggest start travel blogging online and you can generate money though travel blogs with the help of sharing your travel experience. your travel blog includes – cost of travel, places to visit, etc. not even blogging you can also do Vlogging by capturing various visuals during your journey.

Tourism Justified

Degrees, Diploma, Post Graduation in Tourism Sector ?

  1. Indian Institute of Tourism and Travel Management
  2. Dr. CV Raman University Faculty of Management

also you can do Bsc, BA, MA, Msc, MBA in Travel and Tourism Related fields.

Earnings –

How much you earn by making career in tourism industry?

It all depends on your talent and hard work with a little bit of luck, but if you are really passionate about travel i assure you that no one can stop you to reach over the top of ladder. its absolutely limitless journey in this sector. if you are organized and disciplined and present well your travel talent then you reap lots of monetary benefits from this sector.

Initial stage in India you can do job and fetch salary starting from 15000/- per month but as soon as you start getting experience salary and business opportunities will come if future.

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