How to write a Job Application – Teacher in India (School/College)

A perfectly framed and clear job application is one that shows your eligibility for the particular teacher position, either in school or college.

It must describe your interest in a particular subject which School/College looking for. It must also fulfill the basic criteria which school or college searching for in a teacher’s personality.

The job application must enhance all your abilities fulfilling all basic policies of school or college as compared to other job profiles, who applied for the same job. The job application must create the first positive impression for the reader, which helps to increase the call for interview possibility.

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Sample Application for School or College Teacher in India


Subject: Job Application Letter for a Position of “ __________”

Dear (Reference Name) /Sir / Madam,

This is with response for the vacancy mentioned in advertisement on ____________, for Teacher Job. I would like to apply for the post available and hereby post you with the job application for the above-mentioned teacher job in your School or College. I am qualified as per your requirement mentioned. I have done a diploma in the teaching subject with the experience of more than five years after completing my education. I have been working for __________ so and so school and college and my previous teaching reference list are mentioned below along with contact details of references. I am very good in handing students and I enjoy helping students who perform low in their exams and try to enhance their concentration level in a class by counseling them well. Being an Experienced teacher with value qualification I am writing this application for the available post in your school or college. 

I am really excited and hope to be considered by you. You can contact me through my phone and email for any further queries. 


Yours sincerely, 


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