Hinduism – Ancient History of India will Amaze You – Mysterious Secrets – Too Old to Understand.

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1,200 years ago Hinduism Adishankaracharya reorganized Hinduism. He was born in 788 AD and in 820 AD he left the body at the age of 32.

He established four histories of Adishankaracharya Hinduism. He was born in Kerala and took samadhi (Tombstone) in Kedarnath. By the way, according to the Guru Shishya tradition of four disciples, Adi Shankaracharya was born in 508 BC. The Shankaracharya who was born on 788 AD was Abhinav Shankara.


Emperor Harshvardhan: 1,400 years ago Hinduism

The great emperor Harshavardhana was born in 590 AD and died in 647 AD. Harshavardhana is also believed to have invaded Arabia but was intercepted in an area of ​​the desert. It is mentioned in the prophecy. It was during Harsha’s reign that the Chinese traveler came to Xuanzang.

Chandragupta II

1,650 years ago Hindu religion Emperor Chandragupta II received the title of Vikramaditya. He ruled from 380 AD to 412 AD. Mahakavi Kalidas was the beauty of his court.

Emperor Vikramaditya

2,100 years ago, the Hindu religion Vikramaditya’s father was Gandharvasen and elder brother Bhartrihari. Emperor Vikramaditya was born in 101 BCE after Kalikal passed 3,000 years. Hinduism attained great heights during his time. He was a historical man.

Acharya Chanakya

2,300 years ago Hindu religion Chanakya was born in 371 BCE while he died in 283 BCE. Chanakya is mentioned in Mudrarakshas, ​​Brihatkatakosh, Vayupurana, Matsyapurana, Vishnupurana, Buddhist texts Mahavansh, Jain Purana etc. Alexander’s invasion of India was at the time of Chanakya itself.


Lord Mahavir Swami: Hindu religion 2,650 years ago

Mahavir Swami, the restorer of Jainism, was born in 599 BC. He was the 23rd Tirthankara of Jainism. Hinduism was the main religion of India even during his period. It was during his time that Lord Buddha (563 BC) established a new religion of his own.

Lord Parshvanath: Hinduism 2,850 years ago

The 23rd Trithankara Parshvanath took place 250 years before Lord Mahavir Swami. It is believed that Hinduism used to be the religion of India during his time. There was a lot of peace and prosperity in India at the time of Parshvanath.

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Lord Krishna

According to historical research Hindu religion 5,000 years ago, Lord Krishna was born in Mathura 3112 BC. Arishta Neminath, the 22nd Tirthankara of Jainism, was a cousin of Lord Krishna. The Gita is the main scripture of the Hindus, which is a part of the Mahabharata.

Lord Shri Ram

According to Hinduism research 7,000 years ago, Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya in 5114 BC. At the time of Rama’s birth, 5 planets were in their highest position during Punavasu Nakshatra in the sky. This condition stated by Valmiki was formed 7,131 years ago.


Vaivasvata Manu: 8,500 years ago

Hinduism was estimated as Vaivasvata Manu in 6673 BC. There was a deluge during the time of these Manu. After several months spent in the boat by Vaivaswat Manu and his people, his boat came down as the water descended through the summit of Gauri-Shankar. Then the life cycle of human beings went on the earth again. This date has been written in the history of Mathur.

Emperor Yayati: 9,000 years ago

Hindu religion Emperor Yayati had 5 sons – 1. Puru, 2. Yadu, 3. Turvus, 4. Anu and 5. Druhu. He is called Panchananda in the Vedas. Approximately 7,200 BCE, ie 9,217 years ago, these five sons of Yayati ruled the entire earth. The five sons established dynasties in their own names. Yadu from Yadu, Yavan from Turvasu, Bhoja from Druhu, Malechha from Anu and Paurava dynasty from Puru were established. Yayati Prajapati took place in the 10th generation of Brahma.

Swayambhuva Manu

According to the history of Hinduism and religion 11,000 years ago, Swayambhuva Manu was estimated at 9057 BC. Rishabhanath, the first Tirthankara of Jainism, was in this order from Swayambhav Manu in the 5th generation – Swayambhav Manu, Priyabrata, Agnigrah, Navel and then Rishabh. Rishabhanath had 2 sons – Chakravarti Emperor Bharata and Bahubali. There are several reasons why Swayambhuva Manu was considered the first human on the earth. Dharmashastra and Prachatas Manu are considered as the masters of economics. Manusmriti had associated Sanatana Dharma with the code of conduct.

Brahma: Hinduism estimated 14,000 years ago

the beginning of the total of Lord Brahma around 12,000 BC. The principal sons of Brahma were Marichi, Atri, Angiras, Pulastya, Pulah, Kritu, Bhrigu, Vasistha, Daksha, Kandarbha, Narada, Sanak, Sanandan, Sanatana and Sanatkumar, Swayambhuva Manu and Chitragupta. Marichi’s son was the sage Kashyapa, who had hundreds of sons of gods, demons, demons, demons etc. Brahma is credited with the origin of the species.



Neil Varaha: 16,000 years ago

 Hindu religion says that around 14,000 Vikram era, that is, 15,923 years ago, Lord Neel Varaha incarnated. Neil Varaha period was followed by Adi Varaha period and then White Varaha period. During this period, Lord Varaha removed water from the earth and made it habitable for humans.

After that Brahma expanded the human race and Shiva established the kingdom of religion and justice all over the earth.

Before that people say heaven or that lived in Devaloka. Although still human, but the beginning of civilization is considered from here. The times mentioned in this video are approximate and derived from the Puranas.

This story of Hindu religion starts from Varah Kalpa Whereas earlier history is also recorded in the Puranas which have been told through the main 5 kalpas. Swayambhuva Manu was the first king of Jambudweep.

Marichi was born from Brahma. Marichi’s son was Kashyap. Kashyapa’s vivaswan and vivaswan’s vaivasvata manu. Vaivasvata Manu was born in 6673 BC.



Lord Rama was born in the 64th generation of the clan of Vaivasvata Manu and in the 50th generation of Rama’s son Kush, who fought on behalf of the Kauravas in the Mahabharata. The war of Mahabharata occurred around 3000 BC. In ancient texts, human history is divided into 5 kalpas – (1) Hum Kalpa 1 lakh 9,800 years from Vikram era.

Lord Hindusim

Starting 85,800 years ago

(2) Hiranya Garbha Kalpa from 85,800 Vikram Samvat East to 61,800 years ago, Brahmo Kalpa 60,800 Vikram Samvat East to 37,800 years ago, (3) Brahma Kalpa 60,800 from Vikram Samvat East

Up to 37,800 years ago, (4) Padma Kalpa starting from 37,800 Vikram Samvat East to 13,800 years ago and (5) Varaha Kalpa 13,800 Vikram Samvat East.

So far the Varaha Kalpa’s self-cultured Manu, Swarochish Manu, Uttam Manu, Tamas Manu, Raivat Manu, Chakshush Manu and Vaivasvata Manu have passed, and now the difference between Vaivasvata and Savarni Manu is going on. The emergence of Savarni Manu took place 5,630 years before the beginning of Vikrama Samvat. -Sabardha Purana and Mahabharata.

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