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Cricket “Indian Attitude” – Thrilling to be around! West Indies lost final in 1983 world cup

This is the story of Change in attitude of cricket within India and across the world.

in 1983 India won the Cricket World Cup. Indian cricket team beat West Indies in World Cup Final and Won the unexpected.


West Indies won Cricket World Cup in 1975 and Continue his legacy with confidence in 1979 by winning another Cricket World Cup. the philosophy of Clive Lloyd, West Indies Cricket Team Captain, is very much unique, there is no such thing called as All Rounder in his team. its a combination of 5 Batsman, 5 Bowlers and 1 Wicket Keeper, comprising with the complete team of 11 Players. Batsman doesn’t knew much of bowling techniques and Bowler doesn’t knew much of Batting techniques, with this philosophy Clive Lloyd ruled the world of cricket for 20 years straight, without losing any World Cup.

In 1983, Cricket final match is on between India & West Indies, where India set a target of 183 runs against West Indies. Now Richard a dangerous West Indies batsman enter the field for batting against India, He played 13 balls and in just 13 balls he hit 8 boundaries of 4 runs each, Against Kapil Dev and Roger Binny. Finally Kapil Dev took the catch of Richard and that turns the game.

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West Indies all out for 139 runs and lost the 1983 Cricket World Cup Final. West Indian Players felt that Monkey slapped Lion and ran away, Malcolm Marshall who once said that he likes blood on the field, how can such players with so much aggression lost 1983 World Cup final. finally West Indies lost the world cup final and both teams went home.

Sunil Gavaskar

Since such lost was non digestible by West Indies players, they requested BCCI Board to play One Day and Test Series with Indian Cricket Team. BCCI accepted the proposal without given a single thought. Angry West Indies Players who always avoid to go India and play with India now wants to play eagerly with Indian Cricket team.

6 One Day Matches played between West Indies and Indian Cricket Team, while West Indies won all the One Day Matches. West Indies literally beat India by more than 150 runs in matches. their anger for World Cup Lost was clearly visible on their faces and most of the wickets were taken in similar manner ” Catch Keeper, Dujon or Bowled by Malcolm Marshall “.

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Now the story of revenge doesn’t ends here, yet 6 test series matches were to be played soon. In 1st Test Match West Indies won within 4 days, without any doubt with an inning and 250 runs. In Indian Media it was all over topic to be discussed that did India won 1983 Cricket World Cup with coincidence and West Indies players were so happy and assumed that, they entered their home and won every match with a pride, Malcolm Marshall took 12 wickets with 8 bowled. for Indian batsman Marshall ball was like invisible all the time.

Malcolm Marshall

before 2nd test match, all experienced players called up for a meeting to check where India is going wrong and with the counselling session being conducted, now Sunil Gavaskar came on stage and being one of the experienced player of team India with greatest leadership qualities, said in front of team India, that Malcolm Marshall is one of the best bowler of all time, then team India has the best batsman’s of all time. If he is dangerous bowler of the world then we are the dangerous batsman’s of the world, no need to get scared.

“Change Your Attitude from Defense to Attack” he screamed in front of crowd with aggression.

2nd test match Firosha Kotla, all big bookies were like match ends within 3 days, West Indies won the toss and ask India to Bat first. Match begin with Malcolm Marshall bowling against Sunil Gavaskar, Let me tell you, in 1st over Sunil Gavaskar hit 4 boundaries against one of the best bowler of all times. before lunch Gavaskar was at 107 not out, Gavaskar score 107 against West Indies all were shocked.

Just one thing Changed and Malcolm Marshall writes in his biography, that when Gavaskar hit 4 boundaries in my 1st over, I realized that Indian Cricket will change forever with change in attitude. its the change in attitude towards your work that makes it happen, its confidence to achieve impossible that makes its simple and possible.

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