Cracking News – CM Uddhav Thackeray Bold Move !

Order issued to take over all private hospitals in the state, Mesma law also applied

MUMBAI: The state government has issued an order late last night cracking down on hospitals treating coronavirus patients. The order has placed government control over all hospitals across the state.

This order will be applicable to all private or social hospital hospitals registered with the Charity Commissioner.
The authority to take over these hospitals has been given to the

1) District Collector,

2) Municipal Commissioner and

3) Chief Executive Officer

of the State Health Guarantee Society.

Private hospitals were collecting Rs 5 lakh to above Rs 25 lakh from a single (Coronavirus) patient for eight days. The government has now cracked down on this extortion racket.

The beds in government and municipal hospitals are all full. Therefore, coronavirus patients have to be admitted to private hospitals. But private hospitals were taking advantage of this compulsion of patients.
Literally millions of rupees were being extorted from patients.

Chief Minister Uddhav Thackeray and Health Minister Rajesh Tope took the matter seriously.
And “we have issued this order as per the suggestion of both the ministers” said Sudhakar Shinde, Chief Executive Officer, State Health Guarantee Society.

In accordance with this order, we have also enacted the Essential Services Act on all private hospitals. Therefore, doctors, nurses and other staff in private hospitals cannot go on strike. It is binding on them to perform this service.

The order also enacts the Disaster Prevention Act. Therefore, if the private hospitals do not follow the orders of the government, they can be charged with non-bailable offenses, said Sudhakar Shinde.

Mandatory rates for private hospitals
Until now, private hospitals were arbitrarily charging coronavirus patients Rs 50,000 or more per day.
As per the order issued by the government, the rates for charging a maximum of Rs 4,000, Rs 7,500 and Rs 9,000 per day have been made mandatory.
The order said the rates were fixed by the government as per the rates fixed by the health insurance companies.

Order issued within one day
After receiving the instructions from the Chief Minister, Health Minister, Chief Secretary and Health Secretary, Sudhakar Shinde typed the order himself in one day and drafted 18 pages.
CM himdelf drove from Bandra to the Health Secretary, Health Minister and took their signatures.
After that, Shinde went to the Chief Minister at night. The order was issued late last night after the Chief Minister’s signature.

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