CM Uddhav Thackeray – Special Maharashtra Lockdown “Covid19 April 2021”

Uddhav Thackeray as on 13th April 2021, 8:30pm Onwards –

A lot has changed between Gudi Padwa of 2020 and Gudi Padwa of 2021 today

–Covid’s figure is constantly increasing

–13th April 2021, 60212 patients have met with corona.

–I want to tell you that Corona had 1 or 2 labs in 2020, today there are 523 labs, but it is taking time to test and test reports are coming and now this capacity is also decreasing – this pain is decreasing.

  • Right now two and a half lakh tests are being done daily, the capacity of which is being increased, the number of beds in 2020 is now more than 3 lakh, now it is under pressure. –MPSC, 10th and 12th exams have been taken forward but we cannot take the exam that is being taken today-we have been talking to all parties for the last few days.

  • Once this time is out of hand, it will be a big problem – Our state has 1200 metric tons of rubber which is being used continuously with 950 to 1000 tons per day being used.

  • The demand for Ramdisveer injection worked backwards, now it has suddenly increased – this injection takes 2 to 3 weeks to mature.

  • Requested at the center for Ramdisveer –
    CM Uddhav Thackeray -We have sought permission to bring oxygen to Maharashtra from other states but the states from which we have got permission to bring oxygen are very far from Maharashtra It will take time –We are seeking oxygen in Maharashtra through the Army through the Air Force

  • Uddhav Thackeray – There is also a demand from the central government that the GST that is being talked about in March should be increased by 2 to 3 months as the economy is run by these traders.

  • What is the personal help that can be given to the people who are losing their livelihood? This is my request to the Prime Minister.

  • Hon’ble Prime Minister said that celebrate vaccination for 4 days
    I say we will definitely do it but these centers should pay attention so that the vaccine is not reduced.

  • Britain gave everyone the first dose of vaccine which is reducing the number of their patients today.

  • This time the wave of corona is constantly increasing and it is not known how much it will increase.

  • This wave of Corona is much bigger than last year and is constantly growing, we can’t estimate it now, no one can.

  • This time the wave of corona that in 15 days, in 1 month no one can predict how much it will be, But we will not fight with our hands and feet tied and we will win, Oxygen deficiency is visible in the state, lack of health facilities.

  • We are expanding health facilities, we are also taking new students who have passed to help in medical services. We need doctors, nurses a lot.

  • I urge everyone in the medical field to come together and help the patients, I have also demanded to the Prime Minister that we have to fight corona by putting politics aside, only then can we win this virus.

  • I have been planning this for a month now, I am constantly keeping an eye on it, I am not going to apply lock down at all but restrictions are required.

  • Daily bread is necessary but saving lives is more important, We are going to increase the restrictions so far which will be from 8pm to 8pm.

  • Restrictions will be against the minds of you people but need your help to stop Corona.
Covid19 – Maharashtra April 2021

The restrictions I am going to read are as follows, please follow it :

1) Break the chain from tomorrow evening, Section 144 will be implemented in the entire state for 15 days

2) Unnecessary coming and going must be stopped.

3) Do not leave home without reason.

4) You don’t have to help Corona, you have to help the government and the people. All of you make these decisions – the public will not forgive those
who help Corona.

5) All public establishment shops will remain closed only necessary shops will remain open.

6) Local, bus will not be closed, these services will continue for emergency.

7) Public transport will continue for the employees of essential services.

8) Medical, pharmaceutical, animal related, farming related, cold storage, warehousing, mask, sanitizer manufacturing companies will remain functional.

9) SEBI, Banks, Insurance, E-Commerce, Journalists, Petrol Pumps, Data Centers, IT Sector will also remain functional.

10) The rest of the transport will be closed.

11) Construction companies have to make arrangements for the employees to stay at home on the side only then the work can continue.

12) Hotel, restaurant take away home delivery will continue.

13) Small restaurants along the way will remain open but in take away format from 7 am to 8 pm, packed and sold the same, do not give food on the spot there, do not crowd.

14) Under food security scheme 3 kg wheat, 2 kg rice per person we will provide food grains to the poor whose number is 7 crore and they will be given free grain for 1 month.

15) Thali will be given free to the poor under Shiv Bhojan Yojana for next 1 month – The government will also give cooked food to the poor for 1 month.

16) Beneficiaries of Sanjay Gandhi Niradhar Yojana, Indira Gandhi Widow Yojana and 3 other such schemes which are around 35 lakh will be given Rs. 1 thousand in advance by the government.

17) Under Maharashtra Building Workers Welfare Board scheme 12 lakh workers will be given Rs. 1500 in advance.

18) Government will provide financial assistance to domestic workers for 1 month.

19) Authorized hawkers will be given Rs. 1500 every month by the government, they will get money from the bank, their number is 5 lakh.

20) 12 lakh Auto Rikshaw will be given Rs. 1500 every month by the government.

21) Government will give Two thousand rupees to the tribal society.

22) Center will pay the collector for the facilities for the district, which includes the emergence of facilities, setting up of centers.

23) The state government will distribute the base of Rs. 5400 crore to the needy in this lock down restrictions period.

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