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Chinese Products – Psychological Warfare by China on Indian Economy – Feng Shui – Attack On Indian Mindset.

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“China Strategy to Damage Indian Economy”

From Smartphones to Apps, Presently we Indians want to Ban all Chinese Products.

Directly or Indirectly we’re going to use Chinese products in the future too without any doubt, being Chinese firms are using mind games with us to sell their products and though most of the Indians believe blindly in rituals and that creates the opportunity for China to sell in Indian Market. 

Chinese Cat gift

Real-Life Incident:

One Indian Inaugurated his new home and threw a big party in Mumbai, He called all his friends and relatives and offered them beautifully packed gifts after the party got over. 

The next morning when people begin opening their gifts, except one or two gifts surprisingly most of the people got a whole package combining Laughing Buddha, Feng Shui Pyramid, Dragon, Tortoise, and Feng Shui Brass Coins, along with a Lucky wealthy Cat. 

In the gift box, there were clearly mentioned usage and description, when and how to use these lucky charms along with mentioning direction to keep these. 

  1. Laughing Buddha – For Money & Happiness 
  2. Tortoise – Debt Free Life
  3. Chinese Dragon – Healthy Life
  4. Coins – for Good Luck
coins chinese

Here comes, How China Play Mind Games with Us and Our Life. 

Feng Shui 

It is the Mind Game of China. China promote and do lots of marketing through social media, newspapers, Google Search, Television ads, Magazines, and with its strong marketing it explodes all Magic of Feng Shui all over the Globe. Today Feng Shui Presents in each and every corner of the world. 

China Uses FENGSHUI for initial trespassing in the Market. In any country, China first starts entering with the help of Feng Shui and change the mindset of people, with exports of Rs.20000 Crores Chinese has covered 75% Market of India.

From small shops to big shopping malls, everywhere there is a bombardment of Chinese products. 

In Delhi and Mumbai, the average shop selling Chinese products is 25000 to 75000 per day. 

Let’s talk about “China Strategy to Damage Indian Economy”

From God Idol to Natraj Pencil, all copies made by china and sold widely in the Indian market.

Polyester risen made non-environment-friendly Ganpati idol sold by china every year during Diwali and does the business of Rs.400 Crores on a single day. 

indian coin, indian currency, money


Communist China already damaged thousands of Crafts Man, Small Factories, Handicraft Industries etc.

Potter, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Weaver all these talented labour already faced bankruptcy because of ready-made Chinese products available in the Indian Market.

China Literally removed Indian’s from Manufacturing Hub and converted into middle man, to sell Chinese products in the Indian market. 


China’s Psychological Warfare 

War is not only by using arms and ammunition, but it also can be fought psychologically. Do you think China uses Feng Shui as a weapon to destroy the Indian economy?

The most famous Laughing Buddha is it really Mahatma Budh. NO!, Mahatma Budh never preached to use his idol for good luck and prosperity.

Especially we Indians, mostly Hindus, ignore Tulsi (Holy Basil)  which is perennial, medicinal & a holy plant but gave place to laughing Buddha at their homes. 

From the world of china, there is one more famous model – FUK, LUK & SAU which represents Name, Fame & Long Life respectively. They called it as a Chinese GOD’s and widely sold in Indian market at very high prices ranging from 1000 to 15000 per idol, and we Indians being blind followers, started keeping these idols at our home and at workplace. 

In the Indian market, there are many such Chinese Feng Shui Products available which believed to be associated with name, fame and money givers. If such idols magical power works very well, then why china never sells such idols in its own country!!? 

And if such idols are really useful then despite china’s fast-growing wealth, millions still remain poor. Out of every 10 individuals, 1 is poor in China. 

Surprisingly since 1949, after the foundation of the People Republic of China, China in his own country Bans  Feng Shui mentioning as Feudalistic, Superstitious practice and declared as a social evil and those who practice Feng Shui, were tortured by Red Guards of China.

Even today in China Feng Shui as a consultancy business and on a practice communist party reinforces ban on superstition. That’s why it’s called china psychological warfare.

In its own country they ban superstitious products & are doing business all over the world harming other country’s economies using Feng Shui as a tool and destroying other countries’ spiritual roots from their own grounds. 



FENG Means “Wind”     &     SHUI Means “Water”

Feng Shui altogether means wind and water i.e. environment. Surprisingly in Classical Feng Shui such things are never been mentioned, neither classical Feng Shui ask to practice such superstitious logic. Feng Shui Logics actually based on calculations and mathematics which are mostly used by Architects and for Construction purpose. 



Here comes the Question !

“What we Indians Shall do of such Feng Shui Things after understanding this truth” No one says to throw it in the dustbin or destroy it, “Breaking should not be an Option”, If we have already spent our hard-earned money on these things, use it as decorative items and souvenirs at home but don’t believe it blindly, and that goes for any subject or idol which understands the actual history we must not believe these things blindly.  

#VocalForLocal – Buy Made in India Products and Services. It’s not necessary to be at Border to contribute towards our country, you can remain home and utilize only our country resources and contribute towards our own society and country.

Jai Hind !! 

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