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One enchanted evening

Terra Lumina – A walk at night with a vision of future
Sarah Harmer, a very popular singer
Album – Are You Gone

Today we care for Earth’s ecosystem and thanks to us for commitment towards protecting our planet along with the creatures of nature, either its big or small we do care.

in Terra Lumina, there is a transit for arrival visitors which carries them in many old nature vision, which makes them a impressive connection with the wildlife with a outdoor walk of 1.5 kilometer surrounding with a wonderful views.

with a view of tomorrow, Terra Lumina’s story promotes with a message of hope for a brighter future, along with a use of Multimedia Effects and Animated Projections.

Terra Lumina Night Walk Series is the 11th experience which was created by Moment Factory, a Montreal-based multimedia studio focusing on innovative forms of storytelling in which the quality of script with a narration is presented with a experienced production values.

As both a celebration of winter and of the interconnections of humans and the natural world, Terra Lumina is the perfect outdoor activity for all ages, winding through the grounds of Canada’s premier zoo.

The Toronto Zoo is equally the perfect place to host such an exhibit: it has long been committed to ensuring the type of future Terra Lumina presents—one filled with unique view of nature which also promotes and helps wildlife to get respect by human beings.

Every nature lover must visit Terra lumina at the Toronto Zoo to experience a unique imagination over wild life on earth.

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