BNI – October 2020 to March 2021 – Leadership Team Selection Application

Satish Sabhandasani

             I am a serial entrepreneur specializing in the establishment and operations of niche hospitality market with the experience of more than 10 years. My professional experience encompasses that entrepreneurial arena.

                  Satish Sabhandasani

              Being a founder member of BNI Umang, I have experienced ethical way of networking, product selling with business expansion, and effective interaction among BNI members. 

              I believe in myself and feel I can be in the best position to serve next team with an interest in self-nominating for the upcoming Leadership Team of BNI – Umang.

1. What Qualities do you possess, which makes you step-in as a good leader? 

     Ans: Leadership is defined in multiple ways, with a belief of BNI – “Growing Forward Together” I believe that I have the ability to delegate responsibility effectively among BNI members.

Love to facilitate teamwork, provide autonomy, lead to better decision making, and help members to grow their business together.


       Self Awareness and Gratitude: I have focused skills with self awareness and ability to dig in each component of BNI ranging from doing 121’s, giving references, designing, and implementing power teams to achieve business goals.

Showing gratitude can lead to higher self-esteem and I believe being a part of a BNI leadership team and practicing gratitude on a regular basis with members, keeps members willing to work harder for an appreciative leadership team.


            2.  What Goal/Vision you will want to have for the Chapter as a Leader?

            Ans: To achieve BNI Umang Chapter goals, presently there is a huge requirement of commitment and passion for increase the chapter size, which can be achieved by inviting more and more quality visitors every week and members presenting their ability to help each other grow in business by giving maximum references. 

               Commitment towards achieving the goal of at least 50 members chapter size, helps us to gain the respect of subordinates and infuse new energy within team members. 

  • Manage emotions effectively
  • Better social awareness
  • Seamless communications
  • Conflict Resolution if any


           3. If selected in the Leadership Team, what plan/agenda/activity can be worked out to achieve Chapter Goal?

          Ans: BNI Umang being the first chapter of our region, first and foremost activity I would like to introduce is instant decision-making during the weekly meeting to schedule or plan their 121’s for coming week, and maintaining accountability between the week to make it compulsory follow up with the pat on the back if member achieves their decided 121’s and also generated many references.

          Introducing BNI training activities that empower each member to take part and remain active to perform. 

With all the resources and support being a part of the leadership team will be provided to every member helping them to achieve their business targets during and after the lockdown period.

Being a part of the leadership team we must avoid dictatorial style of working and develop empathy and maintain a closer connection with fellow members. When the going gets tough, the tough gets going.

Last but certainly not the least will help each member after this pandemic period with a resilient and positive attitude, Irrespective of how difficult the circumstances might be.

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