After Covid-19 Virus now its Locust Attack crossing 303 India Locations.

After Covid-19 Virus now its Locust Attack crossing 303 India Locations – Rajasthan, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Haryana, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh and Now Maharashtra….

Locust Swarms – India

Swarms Hit Hard – Severe Locust Swarms attack Across Half of India…

It came all over from Pakistan, already created a massive destruction, destroying crops and creating chaos, across many states of India.

Its been more than 25 years since such Locust attack being happen in any country of world.

As Per the Locust Warning Organization [LWO] (Wednesday,27th May 2020 – Report officials were ask to take prompt measure to eliminate the insects before monsoon hit the Indian Region, this helps to save kharif Crops.

Danger caused by Locust Attack

  • Vegetables Produce
  • Pulse Crops
  • Orange Crops
  • Hidden Disease

A swarms of locust already attacked and threatens, Madhya pradesh and then diverted towards Jhansi region of Uttar Pradesh.

On Sunday, 24th May 2020, Swarms entered the door of Maharashtra through – Katol and Parseoni of Nagpur District, and might move ahead to Ramtek city, though its unpredictable speed and cause of flying.

A huge swarm of plague locusts in the far Western Region of India

How They Hit Farms – Locust Destruction Route

Swarms with more than 17 kms of length, has the ability to travel more than 50 kms per day, cause high alert for infestation around most of the states of India, Including Punjab Being in warning zone, control rooms have been set up and farmers are alert.


Desert locust (Schistocerca gregaria). Wildlife animals.

Location and Cause

  • Fetri : Farms
  • Khangaon : Katol ( Nagpur )
  • Ashti Taluka : Wardha Districk – Saturday & Sunday
    : Orange Crops
  • Parseoni : Vegetable Plantation

Does Locust was there before ?

unfortunately yes many times, there
was a invasion on continuous basis from Pakistan. its definitely not a new
issue or fist time India faced such problems by inheritance of this grasshopper
family. there is a need of team effort to curb this severe spread of Locust swarms.

How Locust Destroy Farm Produce ?

According to FAO ( Food &
Agriculture Organisation ), Locusts eat about 2 grams of farm food every single
day (equivalent to food of 35000 people) and with a count of more than 4 Crores
of Locusts in one square kms, we can imagine how severe they can do the

Desert locust – Wildlife Grasshopper

Measures Taken By Indian Government

  • 303 Locations till Wednesday, 27th may 2020. has been
    covered with Locust containment measures and more than 47000 hectares,
    sprinkling has been done.
  • 20 Districts of Rajasthan
  • 9 Districts of Madhya Pradesh
  • 2 of Gujrat
  • 1 of Uttar Pradesh
  • 1 of Punjab

Source : Agriculture Ministry and
News Reports

Specialized Spraying Machines along
with Tenders of aerial spray drones containing insecticides, has set up along
with more than 11 control rooms with a active team to face Locust spread. its
also being closely monitored by Agriculture Minister Narendra Singh Tomar.

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